2nd アルバム「Pieces of Light」
2022.12.12. Release!!

1. Move On!
2. Moonlight Drive 
3. Turmeric Latte
4. Spring 2020
5. The Invisible Enemy
6. Late Summer Breeze
7. The Direction of Light
8. カルガモの夜
9. Urban Maze
10. Sailing For.. 

All songs composed by Rumi Abe 

Rumi Abe / piano 
Koji Yasuda / bass
Ryo Noritake / drums 

Recorded at Orpheus Recording Studio, Sep 3-4, 2022
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Naoto Sugahara 
Photo by miifonn (Soleil&) 
Design by miifonn&Arrow (Soleil&) 
Illustration by MIU (Soleil&) 
Annabelle Music Records/AM - 002   

「Pieces of Los Angeles」
1,000 Yen 

1. Sunset Drive 
2. Purple Marble 
3. Melinda 
4. It Could Happen to You (Jimmy Van Heusen)
Music composed by Rumi Abe except where noted.
Rumi Abe / Piano 
Josh Johnson / Alto Saxophone 
Alex Boneham / Bass 
Christian Euman / Drums
Produced by Josh Nelson, Rumi Abe
Recorded at TriTone Studio, Los Angeles, July 10th, 2017 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Talley Sherwood
Photography, Design by Tomo Tany 
Band Photo by Marta Fowlie